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Why is the Stirring Pelletizer recommended?

Why is the Stirring Pelletizer recommended?

The new organic fertilizer stirring granulator is suitable for organic fertilizer raw materials, livestock and poultry manure, urine, three wastes, microorganisms and other urban domestic waste. The organic fertilizer stirring granulator can adapt to a variety of different formulas, and the compressive strength of organic fertilizer is high. For discs and drums, the wet stirrer granulator is suitable for granulating directly after fermentation of organic fertilizers without drying.

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Organic fertilizer stirring and granulating machine is also called wet stirring stirring and granulating machine, internal rotation stirring and granulating machine, stirring and granulating machine is a newly developed organic fertilizer granulating machine developed by our company. During the granulation process, the yield is high, the operation is stable, the particle size is uniform, and the service life is long. The tooth-granulating granulator is recognized by our customers as an ideal and reliable product. The organic matter content is as high as 97 or more, which can realize the granulation of pure organic matter.

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Application range of stirring granulator:

1. Stirring granulator uses peat, lignite, organic sludge, pond sludge, sucrose residue, starch residue as raw materials;
2. Stirrer granulator uses chicken manure, duck manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, deer manure, and earthworm manure as raw materials;
3. Stirring granulator uses soybean cake residue, lees residue, biogas residue, fruit residue, palm oil residue as raw materials;
4. Stirring granulator uses municipal waste, sewage treatment plant waste, paper mill waste as raw materials.

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Features of Stirring Granulator Equipment:

1. The granules produced by the stirring granulator are spherical.
2. Organic content can be as high as 100%, to achieve pure organic granulation.
3. Stirring granulator uses the characteristics of organic particles to inlay and grow up under a certain force. There is no need to add a binder when stirring the granulator.
4. The granules are solid and can be sieved after being granulated by the stirring granulator, which reduces the energy consumption of drying.

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