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Why do you choose Gate when ordering the double roller fertilizer granulator?

Why do you choose Gate when ordering the double roller fertilizer granulator?

The bottom of the roller granulator is reinforced with a plurality of radiant steel plates, which are durable and non-deformable. The organic fertilizer disc granulator is thickened, weighted and sturdy. It does not require anchor bolts and runs smoothly. The amount of organic materials added can be increased to more than 95%.

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Henan Gate Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmental-friendly high-tech enterprise specializing in research and production of counter-roll granulator, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer equipment. It is the backbone brand of fertilizer equipment such as counter-roll granulator in China. Gate Heavy Industry upholds the concept of “brand management”, and Gate Roller Granulator has become a best-selling product. Through years of efforts, the company has established a global sales network and service system to provide customers with comprehensive service support.

Gate roller granulator reminds you: according to the actual situation, buy fertilizer equipment

According to the actual needs of the project, do not blindly pursue the greed, Gate roller granulator, waste money investment and waste equipment. Investors should choose a formal registered, qualified manufacturer, Gate to the roller granulator to ensure quality and after-sales protection. Gate-to-roll granulator gap adjustment: Sometimes it is necessary to increase the output or increase the bite angle in production, in this case, the distance between the two axes can be increased.

Gate roller granulator manufacturers remind you: come to our factory site visit

The quality is the basis of the Gate-to-roll granulator. The normal operation of the organic fertilizer production line is the basic requirement. The quality is the life of the Gate-to-roll granulator. If there is no good quality, the appearance is not Good is also a problem in the morning and evening. Therefore, when the user chooses the roller granulator, he must go to the factory to inspect it in person. Look at the quality, workmanship, and the amount of equipment purchased is not a small amount. It is necessary to understand it on the spot.

The advantages of  Gate roller granulator

1. Gate roller granulator can save energy and reduce consumption, so it does not need drying measures such as fuel oil and gas

2. Gate roller granulator eliminates the need to add adhesive, which simplifies the process and reduces energy consumption

3. Gate roller granulator has a low investment

4. Flexible extrusion granulation production raw material composition is extensive

5. Gate roller granulator is environmentally friendly without three wastes, which is in line with the development strategy of environmental protection of the enterprise

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