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Why do Myanmar customers choose the Gate double-shaft mixer machine for fertilizer?

Why do Myanmar customers choose the Gate double-shaft mixer machine for fertilizer?

The twin-shaft mixer is mainly composed of a casing, a screw shaft, a driving device, a pipe, a stern cover, a chain cover and the like. The double-shaft mixer is used for stirring the mixed materials to prepare for the production of the molding machine, and the double shaft. The mixer mainly mixes the mixture evenly and plays a compacting role.

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Myanmar customers visited Gate double shaft mixer for fertilizer on the 16th of last month. For the first time, the customer expressed that they want to purchase several double-shaft mixers, and hope that we can quote a preferential price. After receiving the mail, our business will follow up in time, and we will give you all-round answers to the questions raised by the customers. And made detailed information about the twin-shaft mixer, and discounted prices. After the customer received our email, they were very satisfied with our products, and then emailed us to let us have a look at our twin-shaft mixer. After the customer was satisfied with the inspection, they signed a purchase contract with us.

Why did the customer choose gate double shaft mixer for fertilizer?

1. The shell of gate double-shaft mixer is mainly composed of plates and shaped steel. The shell is tightly sealed and will not have the phenomenon of flying ash rising or leaking ash.

2. The spiral shaft is the main component of the double-shaft mixer. The manufacturing precision of the left-right spiral shaft is required to be high and the process performance is good.

3. The nozzle is equipped with stainless steel atomizing cone nozzle, which is arranged on the inner top of the double-shaft mixer housing to facilitate the humidification and mixing of materials.The nozzle is simple, easy to replace and durable.

4. There are six manholes on both sides of the double-shaft mixer to facilitate the maintenance and repair of operators.

What is the working principle of Gate double-shaft mixer?

When the dry powder material enters the trough body of the double-axle mixer through the feeder through the feed port quantitatively and evenly, the power transmission machinery drives the spiral spindle with multiple sets of blades to rotate. Through the meshing transmission gear, the passive spiral shaft and the spindle rotate at the same speed relative to each other, so that the material is stirred and pushed to the humidifying section of the trough body. After the material is pushed into the humidifying section of the double-shaft mixer, the humidifier sprays the material automatically, and then mixes it fully in the mixing section behind the tank body of the two-axle mixer. When the material reaches the controllable humidity, it is discharged from the outlet and enters the next process.

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