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Why do farms buy Gate fertilizer disc granulator?

Why do farms buy Gate fertilizer disc granulator?

The disc granulator is a device for manufacturing green balls in a pellet production process. Disc granulator is a kind of equipment widely used in steel, non-ferrous metallurgy, cement, fertilizer and other industrial fields. The design of disc granulator is continuously improved in its application and development, so that the disc pelletizer becomes Advanced equipment with advanced structure, reliable function, excellent effect, low energy consumption, less wear and easy maintenance.

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Before the fertilizer disc granulator was developed, the problem of manure disposal in farms has always been a big problem around us, and how to make waste into treasure is a matter for us to think deeply. With the development of environmental protection industry, the complete set of production equipment of organic fertilizer has realized turning waste into treasure. The disc pelletizer is one of the complete sets of organic fertilizer equipment.

Technical parameters of Gate disc granulator




Rotaty Speed


Granulating Ratio

Installation Angle








What benefits can the Gate disc granulator bring to the farm?

1. The disc granulator is based on the manure of the farm as a raw material. Through a series of procedures, the animal manure is made into organic fertilizer granules.

2, the disc granulator turns waste into treasure, which relieves the environmental pollution caused by the manure of the farm

3, disc granulator to help farmers to open up a new road to get rich, both the original pollution problem can be solved, and the production of organic fertilizer can be sold to achieve double profits.

Why is Gate disc granulator recommended?

1, the disk pelletizer bottom with a number of radiation steel plates to strengthen, with high strength and stiffness

2. The transmission gear of the disk granulator adopts high-frequency quenching treatment, with long service life

3. Gate disc granulator starts smoothly with low impact force and high efficiency

4, disk pelleting machine into the ball rate is high, can reach 93%

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