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Why do customers choose Gate casting machine for fertilizer?

Why do customers choose Gate casting machine for fertilizer?

The organic fertilizer rounding machine has the characteristics of novel design, unique structure, wide application of raw materials, large production capacity, high operational reliability, low production cost, high spheronization rate, uniform, smooth, round and high strength. The throwing machine includes a single throwing machine, a double throwing machine, and a three-layer rounding machine.

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Henan Gate Heavy Industry is the leader in the organic fertilizer equipment industry. Organic fertilizer rounding machine is one of them. The organic fertilizer rounding machine is a throwing device arranged on the basis of the flat film extrusion granulator to make cylindrical particles. Once rolled to the ball, five return materials, high ball formation rate, good strength, beautiful and practical, organic fertilizer throwing machine is the ideal equipment for organic fertilizer (bio) spherical particles.

Why the organic fertilizer production line is equipped with fertilizer throwing machine?

1, fertilizer throwing machine can make the appearance of fertilizer particles beautiful, economic and practical

2. The fertilizer throwing machine has strong bearing capacity and can run at high speed and long term

3, the overall power consumption is low, equipped with fertilizer casting machine cost is small.

What are the advantages of the Gate Fertilizer Rounding Machine?

1. The organic fertilizer throwing machine can be used simultaneously with one or more granulators to solve the problem that the granulator can only be equipped with one throwing ring.

2. After the rounding of the organic fertilizer throwing machine, the fertilizer particles are even in size, the surface is bright and smooth, the particle strength is high, the ball forming rate is high, the return rate is low, the energy consumption is reduced, and the output is increased.

What industries can fertilizer circular thrower be used in?

Organic fertilizer rounding machine adopts the new technology of double-disk high-speed polishing and shaping, which is widely used in the direct granulation of organic materials such as livestock and poultry manure, municipal sludge, domestic waste, sugar mill filtrate, paper-making sludge, distiller’s grains, bean dregs, straw, peat and so on. Organic fertilizer rounding machine can also make the initially extruded organic fertilizer cylindrical particles in the shaping area. The continuous high-speed rotating material flow can be obtained, and the spherical particles can be formed rapidly by the high-speed rotation and mutual rubbing of the particles themselves.

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