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Why buy Gate Organic Fertilizer Semi-wet Material Crusher?

Why buy Gate Organic Fertilizer Semi-wet Material Crusher?

High efficiency semi-wet material crusher is mainly aimed at the new structure of high humidity material crushing machine. It is a crusher with no screen bottom and no clogging. Semi-wet material crusher completely solved the difficult problems such as high humidity, difficult crushing and easy blockage. Compared with the traditional grinder with sieve bottom, the semi-wet material grinder is not only not blocked, but also quite fine.

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Gate semi-wet material pulverizer overview

Gate semi-wet material pulverizer is a professional semi-wet material pulverizer that our researcher gathers advanced pulverization technology at home and abroad and repeatedly researches, improves and carefully manufactures it with years of production experience. The Gate semi-wet material pulverizer completely solves the problem of high-water organic matter pulverization, and is the first in China. The successful development of Gate semi-wet material pulverizer has played a key role in shortening the process flow of bio-organic fertilizer and compost production, reducing equipment investment and saving operating costs.

Application of Gate Semi-wet Material Crusher

Semi-wet material crusher, also known as organic fertilizer crusher, is widely used in bio-organic fermentation composting, municipal solid waste composting, straw mud carbon, rural straw garbage, industrial organic garbage, chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, pig manure, duck manure and other bio-fermentation high-wet material crushing process equipment. The water allowable value of Gate semi-wet material grinder for bio-fermentation organic fertilizer material reaches 25-55%, and the grinding particle size reaches 40 mesh granulation requirement.

Structure description of Gate semi-wet material mill

 1. Rack part:  

All the Semi-wet Material Crusher are inseparable from the normal operation of the solid frame, the machine frame is all made of excellent carbon steel, channel steel welding, and through strict product qualification certification and specific technical requirements, to achieve the purpose of the machine.

 2. Broken part of double-layer rotor:  

Semi-wet Material Crusher’s rotor structure is novel, the design is reasonable, USES the upper and lower double layer blade crushing, the crushing effect is two times other products, the material enters the crushing chamber from the feed port, through the double layer blade’s unceasing grinding,Semi-wet Material Crusher  causes the material to achieve the granulation request.Its internal lining board USES corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance high strength lining, wear resistance, completely get rid of the phenomenon of material sticking to the wall.

 3. Transmission connection:  

Semi-wet Material Crusher USES the flexible belt transmission.It is driven by the motor belt pulley, belt, direct transmission to the spindle, the spindle high-speed rotation, in order to achieve the crushing effect.

Semi-wet material crusher is an ideal machine for fertilizer production and processing units, which can shorten the process flow, reduce equipment investment and save operating cost.

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