What is the difference between organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer?


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In the process of crop growth, applying fertilizer to crops can meet the nutritional needs of crops, promote growth, and increase yield. At present, there are fertilizer products such as organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer in the market. Do you know the difference between them?




The difference between organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer

1.The ingredients are different.

(1) Organic fertilizer is mainly made from the remains of animals and plants, as well as the feces of humans and livestock, and is a pure natural fertilizer.

(2) Compound fertilizer refers to a chemical fertilizer containing two or more nutrient elements, which often contains three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and fertilizer.

2.Different advantages.

(1) Organic fertilizer has comprehensive nutrition and long fertilizer effect. After application, it can increase the organic matter in the soil and promote the reproduction of microorganisms. It can also improve the physical and chemical properties and biological activity of the soil.

(2) Compound fertilizer has the advantages of high nutrient content, low auxiliary components, and good physical properties, which can improve fertilizer utilization and promote high and stable crop yields.

 How to use organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer

1.How to use organic fertilizer

(1) Organic fertilizer can be applied as base fertilizer before planting, and sprinkled into the soil when plowing. In different seasons, organic fertilizers take effect at different times. Generally, it is applied for about 7 days in summer, 8-12 days in autumn, and 15-20 days after applying it in winter and spring. The organic fertilizer will start to fertilize nutrients.

(2) Organic fertilizer can be applied as topdressing in the subsequent crops, using the method of hole application or strip application, fully mixing the fertilizer and the soil evenly before applying it.

2.How to use compound fertilizer

(1) Compound fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer. When applying it, it is necessary to avoid direct contact between seeds and fertilizer to avoid fertilizer damage. When using compound fertilizer as a base fertilizer, top dressing needs to be carried out according to the fertilizer requirements of crops.

(2) Compound fertilizer can be used by mixing with water. After the compound fertilizer is fully dissolved in water, it can be evenly flushed around the crop roots.


Different crops have different growth periods and require different fertilizers. Whether it is organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer, we need to apply appropriate amount of fertilizer according to their actual needs. You can choose the right fertilizer according to your needs. Using organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer together can achieve better results.

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