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What benefits can Gate disc granulators bring to the farm?

What benefits can Gate disc granulators bring to the farm?

The disc granulator is a device for manufacturing green balls in a pellet production process. Disc granulator is a kind of equipment widely used in steel, nonferrous metallurgy, cement, fertilizer and other industrial fields. The design of disc granulator has been continuously improved in its application and development.

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The disc granulator is suitable for granulating powdery non-sticky materials, such as livestock manure, coal powder, cement, clay and other powdery materials. The disc granulator has the advantages of simple structure, convenient adjustment and superior performance. The advent of the disc granulator not only improves the quality of crops, improves the quality of fruits and vegetables, and is beneficial to human health. It is the best fertilizer for the cultivation of pollution-free green food.Moreover, the disc granulator creates economy while protecting the environment. .

Disc type Granulator for organic fertilizer production lines2

How to use the disc granulator?

1. Before turning on the disc granulator, check whether the reducer is filled with gear oil and the disc rotation direction is correct.
2. The host starts after pressing the start button, and observes whether the disc granulator runs normally, whether there is vibration, and whether the disc granulator rotates smoothly.
3. After the disc granulator runs normally, feeding and water can be added.
4. After the filling of the disc granulator can be adjusted according to the requirements, the angle of the disc can make the granules reach the required size.


What benefits can the disc granulator bring to the farm?

1. The disc granulator is made of animal manure into organic fertilizer granules through a series of procedures based on the manure of the farm.
2. The disc granulator turns waste into treasure, eliminating the environmental pollution caused by manure in the farm
3. The disc granulator helped the farmers to open up a new way to get rich, which could not only solve the original pollution problem, but also sell the produced organic fertilizer, achieving double profits.

Disc granulator in NPK production lines2

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