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What are the uses and advantages of Gate fertilizer screening machines?

What are the uses and advantages of Gate fertilizer screening machines?

Vibrating screen machine is to use the vibrator (eccentric block or eccentric shaft) to produce vibration force, make the screen body along the direction of exciting force to make periodic reciprocating vibration, beating material circle on the surface of the screen, screen, through the different hierarchical structured mesh with different specifications of the material to the required screen surface, after collection to the screen, the designated area, classification or medium in order to achieve purpose.The sieve can adjust the amplitude by adjusting the weight of the eccentric block.

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The organic fertilizer screening machine can rapidly and massively process composted fermented organic fertilizers such as livestock manure, ash, humus, etc., reducing environmental pollution and recycling animal waste. Organic fertilizer screening machine is widely used in various types of bulk material screening, such as livestock and poultry manure, inferior coal, coke, slaked lime and other materials with large water content. Organic fertilizer screening machine can also smoothly screen sandstone, quicklime and other materials.

What are the advantages of Gate fertilizer screening machine?

1, the fertilizer screening machine adopts eccentric block as vibration excitation force, vibration excitation force is strong.

2. The sieve beam and sieve box of the fertilizer screening machine are connected by high-strength bolts without welding.

3, fertilizer screening machine simple structure, convenient and quick maintenance.

4, tire coupling, flexible connection, smooth operation.

5, fertilizer screening machine using small amplitude, high frequency, large Angle structure, long life, low power consumption, low noise.

What are the uses of Gate fertilizer screener?

Fertilizer screening machine is a commonly used equipment in compound fertilizer production. Fertilizer screening machine is mainly used for separating finished products from reverse materials. Fertilizer screening machine can also realize the grading of finished products, so that the finished products can be evenly classified. Fertilizer screening machine adopts combined screen, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance. Fertilizer screening machine has simple structure, easy operation and stable operation.

How to maintain the fertilizer screening machine?

1. When the fertilizer screening machine starts driving, it must first open the cage drum screen, then turn on the feeding equipment; when parking, the opposite;

2. Three days before the operation, the fertilizer screening machine should be inspected every day to see if the parts are loose.

3. When the fertilizer screening machine is deactivated for a long time (more than 30 days), the motor insulation should be shaken to avoid burning of the motor.

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