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What are the three important functions of the turner machine?

What are the three important functions of the turner machine?

Turning machine is an indispensable tool in agriculture, so what are its advantages?Advantages of the analytical equipment of the dumper: the dumper has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, even mixing, thorough dumper and long moving distance.The stacking distance is up to 10 meters, the fermentation period is 7-8 days, the daily processing capacity is 80-160 cubic meters, and the annual production capacity is 10-20,000 tons.

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In our daily life, machinery and equipment used in all walks of life have their existence significance. Only when the fertilizer equipment is useful, people will take pains to purchase and apply it, let the fertilizer equipment play its role, and maximize the value of its existence. So today we will talk about the most widely used fermentation overturning equipment, its three important roles.

Three functions of the turner

First, the stirring function of the dumper is very powerful in the mixing process of raw materials, which can effectively integrate all kinds of raw materials together.

Second, the dumper can adjust the temperature according to the needs of the appropriate adjustment, is the raw material and air enough contact, absorb a lot of fresh air.

Third, the turning machine can change the permeability of raw materials, making the raw materials more elastic and nutritious.

Organic fertilizer production line

At present, the total production of livestock and poultry manure in China is 2.7 times that of industrial solid waste, which has become a major problem in agricultural environmental management. A new approach to the utilization of biological fermentation engineering, microbial engineering technology, and septic fertilizer as a harmless resource is being explored. The ecological benefits of the small-scale aquaculture industry need to be improved. The complete sets of organic fertilizer equipment required for the production of organic fertilizers with high organic matter content such as livestock manure are: organic fertilizer granulator, mixer, screening machine, turner, dryer , cooling machines, etc., which also need to improve different production lines according to the needs of different manufacturers.

50,000 tons of organic manure production line

The cow manure organic fertilizer production line requires two steps to process commercial organic fertilizer: pre-fermentation and treatment part and deep processing granulation part. Bio-organic fertilizer equipment needs fermentation rotary throwing machine, organic fertilizer crusher, drum screening machine, horizontal mixer, chicken manure organic fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, cooling machine, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine , conveyors and other equipment.

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