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What are the advantages of Fertilizer Fermentation tank compared to traditional fermentation methods?

What are the advantages of Fertilizer Fermentation tank compared to traditional fermentation methods?

Production capacity of Fertilizer Fermentation tank: can be customized according to customer needs.
Applicable materials for Fertilizer Fermentation tank: various organic fertilizer production materials.
Application range of Fertilizer Fermentation tank: organic fertilizer fermentation.

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Technical parameters of Fertilizer Fermentation tank:

Model Processing capacity Output Equipment size Total fermenter capacity Hopper capacity Power
GTF-30F 5-6t 1-2t 5.0*6.0*8.7m 36m³ 1m³ 2.2kw
GTF-50F 6-8t 1.5-2t 5.5*6.0*8.7m 56m³ 1m³ 2.2kw
GTF-80F 7-9t 2-3t 7.0*8.0*8.7m 86m³ 1.5m³ 2.2kw
GTF-100F 8-12t 2.5-4t 7.0*8.0*9.4m 100m³ 1.5m³ 5.5kw

Introduction to Fertilizer Fermentation tank:

Fertilizer Fermentation tank refers to a device used in the industry for microbial fermentation. The main body of the Fertilizer Fermentation tank is generally a main cylinder made of stainless steel and has a volume of 36 m3 to 100 m3. Attention should be paid to the structure and rigor in design and processing. It can withstand steam sterilization, has certain operational flexibility, minimizes internal accessories (avoiding dead angles), strong material and energy transfer performance, and can be adjusted to facilitate cleaning and pollution reduction. Fertilizer Fermentation tank is suitable for the production of various products. And reduce energy consumption.

Comparison of Fertilizer Fermentation tanks with traditional fermentation methods:

Traditional fermentation methods:

The commonly used method for treating livestock manure is traditional stacked fermentation, which is commonly used for open stacking and centralized indoor stacking.

Unlike Fertilizer Fermentation tank, open-air stacking is mainly carried out by tipping over the forklift to make it fully contact with the air to complete the fermentation. The concentrated indoor stacking is mostly done by mechanical turning to make full contact with the air to complete the fermentation.

However, all livestock manures have a very strong pungent odor before they are fermented, and the air pollution is more serious. When the turning operation is performed, the traditional mechanical turning operation is cumbersome, the irritating odor is generated, and the worker’s body is also greatly damaged. Moreover, the land occupied by the stacking fermentation is relatively large, the fermentation cycle is relatively long, the efficiency of processing the manure is relatively low, and the labor input is large. Traditional stacked fermentations have some seasonal limitations compared to Fertilizer Fermentation tank fermentation. When fermenting in winter, the temperature is relatively low, and it is necessary to add certain insulation facilities. This has led to shortcomings such as prolonged fermentation cycle and increased investment.

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Fertilizer Fermentation tank fermentation:

Compared with the traditional fermentation equipment, Fertilizer Fermentation tank saves land occupied area to a considerable extent. The Fertilizer Fermentation tank also uses electric heating device, intelligent electrical control, to ensure constant temperature fermentation, and thoroughly solve the shortcomings of traditional fermentation equipment limited by season; intelligent electrical control, Constant temperature fermentation can shorten the fermentation period from about 15 days to about 7 days, which greatly improves the fermentation efficiency. Closed constant temperature fermentation is adopted in this equipment to completely solve the problem of volatilization of irritating odor and protect the environment from odor pollution. The Fertilizer Fermentation tank is equipped with automatic intelligent electrical control system. Less manual operation to ensure safety and reliability.

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