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Technologically advanced Gate BB Fertilizer Mixing Equipment

Technologically advanced Gate BB Fertilizer Mixing Equipment

The fully automatic BB fertilizer equipment is a product developed by the Geite Heavy Factory. The unique structure design of the BB fertilizer mixer and the high-performance control system are combined to realize all the actions in the single bag quantitative weighing compound mixing and packaging process, BB The fertilizer mixer solves the problem of common material distribution due to the specific gravity of the material and the shunting of the mixture, which improves the accuracy of the batching and reduces the problem of deliquescence of BB fertilizer production.

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BB fertilizer mixer, abbreviated as mixed fertilizer mixer, is a complete set of BB fertilizer processing equipment. BB fertilizer mixer is a new generation of practical fertilizer processing equipment which absorbs solid fertilizer technology at home and abroad and combines with the national conditions of our country. According to the requirement and proportion of different nutrients in crops, the fertilizer made by BB fertilizer mixer can be stacked for a long time without special packaging and sent directly to the field for use.

What function characteristic does BB fertilizer mixer have?

1, BB fertilizer mixer occupies a small area (25~ 50 square meters), low power consumption (the power of the whole set of equipment is less than 10 kw/hour)

2. The main engine of BB fertilizer mixer is made of industrial grade stainless steel, and the control system is made of high performance industrial computer, which can be suitable for various harsh field environment

3. BB fertilizer mixer adopts two-stage shockproof treatment and multi-stage filtering technology, which is accurate in measurement and high in accuracy

4. The control system of BB fertilizer mixer is equipped with automatic zero tracking automatic tare weight, coarse measurement and automatic compensation of drop, automatic measurement and correction of overimpulse fault alarm

Which equipment is the main set of BB fertilizer equipment?

Storage silos, feeders, metering scales, mixers, large angle belt hoists, quantitative packing scales, automatic sewing machines, finished conveyor belt conveyors, computer control systems. The process is as follows: storage system → feeding system → metering system → conveying lifting system → mixing and mixing → automatic packaging and sewing package → finished belt transportation → computer control system.

BB fertilizer equipment has a variety of specifications, the output per hour is 7-9t, 10-14t, 15-18t, 20-24t, 25-30t, etc.; according to the mixed materials, 2-8 kinds of materials. Brief introduction of BB fertilizer mixer: BB fertilizer mixer (blend fertilizer) production line is our company’s new independent design and production by investigating market demand, summarizing advanced experience, overcoming the drawbacks of other manufacturers’ equipment and combining advanced technology with industrial stainless steel materials product.


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