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Tanzanian customers visit organic fertilizer granulator

Tanzanian customers visit organic fertilizer granulator

Henan Gate Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of complete sets of equipment and compound fertilizer equipment for the production of large-scale organic fertilizer production lines integrating scientific research, production and sales. A full set of production line equipment has been developed as early as ten years ago, covering automatic compounding systems for organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers, crushing systems, fermentation systems, granulation systems, drying systems, packaging systems, etc.

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On July 1, 2019, customers from Tanzania came to our factory for a visit to the organic fertilizer granulator. We attached great importance to the visit of our customers and warmly welcomed them. The first time to determine the customer’s disembarkation time, and then send a car to greet. After arranging the customers’accommodation, we took the customers to visit the organic fertilizer granulator at their request. After the visit, the customers were satisfied with our fertilizer equipment products.

Customers visit fertilizer equipment

Leading customers to visit the drum granulator, we gave a detailed explanation for the customer’s questions, such as the material, model, and working principle of the drum granulator, and the customer also made a detailed record. Later, the customer visited the waste crusher and asked some questions about the crusher. We all answered it fully. Later, I visited the fertilizer mixer and the new organic fertilizer granulator. We have explained the US and China fertilizer equipment in detail, and the customers are very satisfied with our products and workshops.

The customer went to the lab to see the sample

After visiting the fertilizer granulator equipment, we took the customer to visit the fertilizer equipment produced by the sample, in the laboratory, the customer made a careful observation of the sample.This confirms the customer’s affirmation of our products. The customer thinks that our fertilizer equipment has great advantages in appearance, quality and practicability. The customer expresses that he will reach a trade partner with us as soon as possible.We also hope that more customers can visit our fertilizer granulator equipment factory, we welcome you with quality.

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