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Talking about some advantages of Gate’s roller granulator

Talking about some advantages of Gate’s roller granulator

The roll extrusion granulator is the key equipment for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulation. It has the advantages of advanced technology, reasonable design and compact structure. The roller extrusion granulator is used to produce various crops. Low-concentration special compound fertilizer and the current replacement of energy-saving and consumption-reducing products in the compound fertilizer industry.

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With the continuous improvement of China’s environmental protection policy, the organic fertilizer market is also growing. The roller granulator is also actively improving. Henan Gate Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is the designated production unit of the Agricultural Technology Development Research Institute of the Agricultural Department of Henan Province. We have a strong technical force and high-quality staff and CAD design center. Has long been committed to high, medium and low organic fertilizer equipment. Today to introduce to you is the roller extrusion granulator equipment.


What are the advantages of the roller fertilizer granulator?

1. The new technology of compound fertilizer granulation is completed by the roll- type dry process.
2. The roller granulator adopts the structure design of granulation, molding and sieving. The structure is compact and the equipment investment is reduced by more than 30%.
3. The roller extrusion granulator has good sealing performance, low noise, no “three wastes” in the production process, no loss of materials and physical properties, and more energy saving and environmental protection.
4. The granule compound fertilizer produced by the roller granulator has the characteristics of high strength and good sustained release performance.


Precautions for roller granulator operation

1: Check if there is any debris in the machine before turning on the roller granulator.
2: Check the roller granulator for normality of all parts inside the machine.
3: It is strictly forbidden to start the load with the roller granulator.
4: After the machine is started, check whether the rotation direction is correct. If the rotation is reversed, stop the adjustment immediately, confirm that the rotation is stable, no noise, and start production after no friction.

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