The Process of Rotary Drum Granulator Line

The rotary drum granulator is a kind of granulation equipment commonly used in the production of fertilizers such as compound fertilizers and organic fertilizers. It can be used for cold granulation, hot granulation and the production of low, medium and high concentration compound fertilizers. The rotary drum granulation line can use various raw materials, such as urea, dap, kcl, tsp, ssp, ammonium sulfate, phosphate, gypsum, lime or other materials.

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Hot sale roller extrusion granulator for Organic Fertilizer Production Lines

The roller extrusion granulator is the key device of the fertilizer granule making. It are designed reasonable, compact , novel and practical, which is made up of the screen machine, belt coveyor, distributor, granulator, coater, hoist, grinder, packing scale, finished warehouse. This series of roller extrusion granulator can be customized, such as the ball socket on the surface of the skin of the roller extrusion.

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