Organic Fertilizer Plant Line Delivery to Canada

customer from Canada has been to our factory to talk about the organic fertilizer manufacturing plant.With engineer’s help and his drawing of the factory, we filled in all the machines in his fertilizer production plant. In the final, we have signed contract and one month before we have received the money for the order.Under customer’s permit, we book the ship and ready to delivery the bio organic fertilizer manufacturing plant to Canada.

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Philippine Customer’s Visiting for 5 Tons Per Hour Capacity Organic Fertilizer Plant Line

one team of Philippine customers have showed their interests on the organic fertilizer plant design. They want to set up one large organic fertilizer manufacturing factory in their area to meet the requirements of the market. After several week’s talking, they have planed to come to our factory to view about the organic fertilizer machines directly.

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Introduction of Powder Shape Organic Fertilizer Plant Line

Low cost, simple design, widely using, powder shape organic fertilizer plant line has many advantages for small customers who are interested in organic fertilizer processing, especially attract customers in Africa areas. In real using, maybe three or four machines will bring more benefits and they can feed their own using in farms

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