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Supply bulk blending fertilizer production line

Supply bulk blending fertilizer production line

The bulk blending fertilizer plant adopts the drum type non-damage mixer and the barrel type feeding machine, which not only does not damage the original particle shape of the material, but also prevents the segregation phenomenon of the finished product after mixing; the intermittent batch mixing mode has high mixing uniformity. The bulk blending fertilizer machine blade has a unique design, even mixing, and quick and easy feeding and discharging. Effectively improve the quality of products and market competitiveness.

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Technical Data of 100,000 tons bulk blending Fertilizer Production Line

Item Name Model Overall Dimensions

L x W x H(mm)


Capacity (t/h)





Automatic Batching Machine PLZ-1200 8000X1300X2300 15-20 9 1
 Mixer Machine JB1260 6000X1450X2250 15-20 7.5 1
Automatic Packing Machine DCS-1000 1800*1800*2450 3-8bags/min 4 1
Belt Conveyor 6 2
Dust Settling Chamber Drawing is 


Hot Air Furnace Drawing is 



NOTICE: This production line is for your reference only. Engineers and sales persons will specially design for you in accordance with your raw materials, self construction of factory building and capital budget.


Advantages of bulk blending fertilizer formulation:

bulk blending fertilizer process with High precision, fast speed, low energy consumption and small footprint.

Bulk blending fertilizer production line: single bag metering, measuring range 20~60 kg adjustable, actuator adopts pneumatic drive, size two-stage feeding; the system adopts anti-vibration treatment, multi-stage filtering technology, various materials can be metered independently or Accumulative metering, with their own coarse metering, fine metering and overshoot compensation, to ensure the measurement accuracy; according to different models, the weighing scale is divided into single scale bucket, multi-scale bucket, the raw material types can be 3~8 kinds.


The total bulk blending fertilizer formulation requirement of the mixed fertilizer for the basic fertilizer is uniform particle size, low moisture content, good particle strength, no agglomeration during storage, raw material fertilizer for blending fertilizer, consistency of particle size, not only the upper and lower limits of the particle size are required to be consistent. And they are required to have a similar granular distribution. Therefore, bulk blending fertilizer process analysis of the particle size distribution of different raw materials before the fertilizer is blended is an important step to ensure the quality of the blended fertilizer. The equipment has novel design and strong practicability. It mainly consists of lifting feeding system, high-precision mixing system, storage system rack and electronic control system. The utility model has the advantages that the feeding system does not store materials, the mixing system produces and is uniform, can be self-flowing packaging, continuous production and the like.


Introduction to bulk blending fertilizer production line:

1. bulk blending fertilizer machine Equipment configuration:

Raw material conveying system, batching metering system, material mixing system, product packaging system, high performance control system.

2. Application of bulk blending fertilizer plant:

It is suitable for dry blending of multi-basic fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers by physical methods to make blended fertilizers (BB fertilizers) with multiple fertilizers and unit fertilizers. It integrates ingredients, mixing and quantitative packaging, and can be automatically completed according to the formula. -6 kinds of materials; for different crops, different areas of soil conditions, modify the formula, can produce different BB fertilizer products.


3. Bulk blending fertilizer plant Product specifications:

3.1 Technical Specifications

1. Packaging materials: BB fertilizer, better flowable solid pellets.

2. Production capacity: 5 tons to 10 tons / hour.

3. Packing specification: 50Kg/bag.

4. Measurement accuracy: no more than two thousandths


3.2 bulk blending fertilizer production line equipment composition

1. 1 set of automatic fertilizer system

2. 1 set of Mixer

3. 1 set of automatic quantitative and sewing equipment

4. 1 set of total control cabinet and production line control system


3.3 Staffing of bulk blending fertilizer plant

1. Feeding workers: 2 people, including raw materials for close handling and dumping.

2. Equipment maintenance, maintenance, on-site operation and transaction processing: 1 person.

3. Packers: 2-3 people.A total of 5-6 people, the raw materials packaging finished goods transplanter.



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