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Structural characteristics of composting machine for organic fertilizer

Structural characteristics of composting machine for organic fertilizer

The trough composting machine is the most widely used fermentation turning equipment, including walking fermentation tank, walking track, power taking device, turning part and turning device (also called transfer car, mainly for multi-slot). The situation used). The trough composting machine is suitable for aerobic fermentation and can be used together with solar fermentation chambers, fermentation tanks and mobile machines.

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Organic manure fermentation composting machine (trough composting machine) is used to deal with solid organic waste, achieve good gas high temperature composting equipment, is the host of the composting fermentation field.Through the use of organic fertilizer fermentation composting machine can achieve continuous production, make the raw material of compost full oxygen, fermentation uniform, and part of the water, to achieve the goal of harmless, resource.

Structural characteristics of composting machine

1. Power transmission device is composed of motor, reducer, sprocket, bearing seat, main shaft, etc. It is an important device to provide power for the drum of the composter.

2. The walking device of organic compost machine is composed of walking motor, driving gear, driving shaft and walking sprocket.

3. The lifting device is composed of hoist, coupling, transmission shaft, bearing block, etc., and the hydraulic lifting device is composed of hydraulic pump station, electromagnetic valve body, hydraulic tubing, hydraulic cylinder column, etc.

4. The overturning and throwing machine device is composed of sprocket wheel, support arm and overturning roller.

5. The transfer vehicle is composed of a walking motor, transmission gear, transmission shaft, walking wheel, etc., which provides a temporary vehicle for changing slots of the organic compost machine.

Advantages of composting machines

1. High accumulation of fermentation materials in the composting machine

2. The compost machine turns the heap faster and more evenly

3. The composting machine can adjust the turning speed according to the material moisture

4. The composting machine is designed with one machine and multiple slots, which has the advantage of lower cost.Is a large-scale organic fertilizer fermentation, especially the high cost of land organic fertilizer manufacturers ideal choice

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