Straw stalk crusher for Organic Fertilizer Production Lines


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Technical parameter of straw stalk crusher

Model Power Capacity Weight
550×600 22kw 0.8-1.5t/h 1t
600×800 37kw 1-2t/h 1.3t
600×1000 45kw 1.5-2.5t/h 1.6t
600×1200 55kw 2-4t/h 2t
800×1500 75kw 2.5-5t/h 2.5t



Introduction of straw stalk crusher

Straw crusher machine is a new kind of product designed by our company based on the market of agricultural wastes crushing. It can process materials such wood wastes, stalks, sawdust, mushroom wastes, etc. The product can guarantee the standard rate of finished products and solve the inconveniences caused by the irregularity of finished products. Inside is standard stainless steel screen, and the mesh can be selected freely. And this machine covers a small area, and the packaging is convenient; Coupled with the simple operation, no dust pollution, all of these characteristics make it become the ideal pulverizing equipment.

Features of straw stalk crusher

1. The product is reasonable in design, reliable in manufacturing quality, simple in structure, it’s easy to operate, small in size, small in floor space, and labor-saving.

2. The design of fully automatic control electric heating device can adjust the dry humidity of materials at will, ensure the stability of material molding, and improve work efficiency.

3. The main parts of the products are wear-resistant materials for special treatment, which can be continuously pressurized and durable.

4. It is applied to all kinds of biomass (corn straw, straw, straw, rice straw, rice husk, peanut shell, corn core, twigs, leav.es, sawdust and other agricultural products as raw materials or wood waste).


Working Principle of straw stalk crusher

Straw crusher machine can be fitted with motor, diesel engine or tractor with 30-50 horsepower. The main engine consists of feeding mechanism, cutting mechanism, throwing mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism, protective device and rack.The straw stalk crusher machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient movement, automatic feeding and safety.

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