Solid-liquid Separator With Large Processing Capacity


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The inclined screen solid-liquid separator is a solid-liquid separation equipment developed by our company. It is mainly used for large-scale solid-liquid separation of sewage, manure, and biogas liquid with small solid content and large water content.


The working principle of the inclined screen solid-liquid separator:

  1. The main body of the inclined screen dehydrator is a stainless steel flat filter screen surface made of wedge-shaped steel rods. The waste water to be treated is evenly distributed on the inclined screen surface through an overflow weir.
  2. Due to the small and smooth surface clearance of the screen and the large back clearance, the drainage is smooth and not easy to be blocked, so the solid matter is intercepted, and the filtered water flows out from the gap of the screen.
  3. At the same time, under the oblique action, the solid matter is pushed to the lower end of the sieve plate to discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.

The performance characteristics of the inclined screen solid-liquid separator:

  1. The inclined screen solid-liquid separatoruses the gravity of the water flow to work without energy consumption; the extrusion part has low power and low energy consumption.
  2. A single machine can process a large amount of water.
  3. It is not easy to be blocked and easy to clean.
  4. The material of the whole inclined screen solid-liquid separatoris made of stainless steel, with high mechanical strength, no deformation and long life.


The inclined screen solid-liquid separator has a large processing capacity and is specially designed for the separation of fine impurities.Inclined screen solid-liquid separator is an excellent equipment for filtering or recovering suspended solids, floats, sediments and other solid or colloidal substances. If you need such a machine, please contact us and we will provide you with relevant services attentively.

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