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small scale bio fertilizer Disk granulator ordered by Canadian customers ready for shipment

small scale bio fertilizer Disk granulator ordered by Canadian customers ready for shipment

Granulating disc, with good automatic grading function, and the product particles than ‌ ‌ relatively uniform, biological fertilizer granulating disc can control solution sprayed on the fine particles, the granulating efficiency is high, organic fertilizer granulating disc investment and operation cost is low, which is widely used in many organic fertilizer manufacturer.

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The organic fertilizer disc granulator ordered by Canadian customers in the middle of last month has been delivered today. Canadian customers want to buy a small batch of bio-fertilizer tray granulator to consult our products. Our manufactured fertilizer disc granulator can meet the production requirements of less than 5 t/h. Customers affirm our disc granulator and confirm the order. Subsequently, after receiving the customer’s deposit, we started the production of disc granulator.

Why did the customer choose our bio-fertilizer pan granulator?

1.Gate bio-fertilizer pan granulator has a novel and reasonable structure and excellent material.

2. The large dish inclination of the Gate bio-fertilizer disc granulator can be adjusted. With angle washers, the adjustment is flexible and convenient.

3.Gate bio-fertilizer pan granulator adopts a new dredging design, which is cleaned by a non-powered scraper. The ball-forming effect is good, and there will be no large mud mass. The diameter of the ball is 90% at 3-5mm.

4. The market consists of a disk and a disk section. The disc section can be adjusted up and down along the disc body. When the ball is released, the ball can be guaranteed not to be pulled or torn.

5.Gate bio-fertilizer pan granulator uses a unique combination of non-powered scraper to reduce auxiliary power consumption.

What are the components of the organic fertilizer disk granulator?

1. The main body of the pelletizing machine, including the frame, the regulating part and the pelletizing disk;

2. One main reducer, one pulley for input shaft and one pinion for output shaft;

3. One main point motor and one belt pulley;

4. Supporting granulating disc device, including one main shaft, two sets of roller bearings and two bearing blocks.

Biological fertilizer disk granulator choose Gate Heavy Industry.

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