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Organic fertilizer dryer wearing parts scrap standard

Organic fertilizer dryer wearing parts scrap standard

Fertilizer dryer features fertilizer dryer equipment designed by professional workers, combined with excellent technology at home and abroad, its environmental protection effect completely exceeds the scope of the state, the working principle of fertilizer dryer, solves the traditional dryer The phenomenon of unpleasant smell during drying increases the production capacity, the equipment characteristics of the fertilizer dryer, and the equipment is more stable.

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Notes for installation of organic fertilizer dryer:

1, the processing surface of the two bearing base of the organic fertilizer dryer on the same degree of surface, center spacing tolerance of 1mm, longitudinal center line unparallelism deviation 0.5mm, transverse center line deviation 0.5mm per meter.

2, organic fertilizer dryer contact surface should be the average Angle;Not less than 1-2 dots per 50mmThe contact surface between hollow shaft and tile shall be 90° — 100° at least 2 points per square inch. The shaft neck of organic fertilizer dryer is approximately the same as the clearance on both sides of the bearing.

3. The matching surface of the cylinder flange and the front end cover of the dryer should be in good contact. Gaskets are not allowed.The big tooth ring of the organic fertilizer dryer and the tube body end cover in the connection assembly correction, should consolidate the thrust, good positioning pin, the radial swing of the tooth ring is not more than 0.5mm, axial swing is not more than 0.84mm.

4, the dryer equipment lining device should first press the end cover, tube body lining plate from the beginning of the population, according to the assembly request to stop, each screw should be tightened evenly, shall not leak.Organic fertilizer dryer rubber lining board with no gaps, gaps in the place to use a sponge plug.

5, the center line of pinion gear and the center line of the big gear should be parallel, its deviation per meter is not more than 0.2mm.Tooth tip clearance 1/4 modulus, tooth side clearance 1.06—- 1.8mm, dryer tooth surface contact area is not less than 50% of tooth length, tooth height of 40%


Scrap standards for some vulnerable parts of organic fertilizer dryer equipment:

1, the wear of the bearing shell of the organic fertilizer dryer is more than 1/3 of its thickness.

2, organic fertilizer dryer pinion surface wear should not be more than 30% of tooth thickness, big ring tooth surface wear is more than 25% of tooth thickness, can be used, grinding to 1/2 should be scrapped.

3, the organic fertilizer dryer gear ring rim distortion deformation should not be greater than 7.5mm.

4, organic fertilizer dryer hollow shaft surface grooves, spots or part of its inner circle wear through the hollow shaft deformation, cracks and other conditions should be changed.

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