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How to solve the failure encountered in the roller extrusion granulator?

How to solve the failure encountered in the roller extrusion granulator?

The roller extrusion granulation equipment is a kind of investment, small granulation, no need for drying, small investment, granulation unit, simple operation, etc. It is deeply loved by the majority of compound fertilizer manufacturers, and the market mainly uses ammonium sulfate. Ammonium chloride is the main. However, since the granulated particles are mainly extruded by a die, there are certain drawbacks.

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The extrusion granulator is also called the counter-roll granulator. The working principle of the counter-rolling granulator equipment: all kinds of dry powder materials are added from the top of the roller granulator, and degassed and screwed into the opposite roller. Under the action of the great squeezing force of the roller granulator, the material is plastically deformed and compressed into a sheet. The sheet material is subjected to crushing, granulating, sieving and the like to obtain a
granulated product.


How to install the roller granulator?

After the roller granulator arrives at the factory, the granulator is used as the main machine, depending on the number of units, and installed in accordance with the process flow chart to find the elevation and horizontal placement. The frame of the roll granulator has a corner hole that can be mounted on concrete (the solid vibration is not large and does not require a strong concrete foundation). The roller granulator has been commissioned before leaving the factory and still needs to be debugged after trial use. In the daily use of the roller extrusion granulator, the lubricating oil system needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly, and the main motor bearing is measured with a vibration measuring instrument and an infrared thermometer to form a trend graph.


How to solve the failure of the roller granulator?

1. If the super-trend value of the roller granulator is measured, determine whether the main motor idling current value or power value exceeds the specified value, and determine whether the bearing should be replaced.
2. Regularly check the alignment between the main motor output shaft of the roller granulator and the input shaft of the gearbox. The alignment must be checked after the first start or replacement of the bearing for three months.
3, conduct electrical test checks to determine the cause of the rotor imbalance; test the vibration speed of the clutch, if the specified value is exceeded, the dynamic balance should be re-adjusted.
4. If the extrusion granulator equipment is turned on, the main motor power curve and the melt pressure curve increase instantaneously, indicating that the feeding amount of the feeding system is too large, and the feeding amount should be reduced.


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