How to maintain the equipment of the cow dung organic fertilizer production line?


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With the popularity of organic fertilizer in the market, more and more cattle farms have begun to use cow dung to make organic fertilizer. This requires the use of cow manure organic fertilizer production lines. A complete cow dung organic fertilizer production line has a lot of investment, so how to maintain the cow dung production line? Let me explain the maintenance method for you.


1.Lubricate the equipment regularly. During the operation of organic fertilizer production line equipment, equipment lubrication is a very important matter. Once stuck, the friction of the equipment will increase, and only high lubrication can provide good power support for the operation of the organic fertilizer equipment.

2.Clean up dust in time. Organic fertilizer equipment will generate dust during operation and after it is discharged. If it is not cleaned and maintained in time, dust will enter the equipment. As dust accumulates more and more, the joint friction of the equipment will be greater, causing the accumulation of bacteria and corrosion of the equipment, which will affect the performance of the equipment.

3.Always pay attention to the operation of organic fertilizer machines. There should be no serious abnormal noise and metal friction sound. If an abnormality is found, stop using it immediately, conduct an inspection, and use it after troubleshooting.

4.Pay attention to motor friction. Motor friction will affect the use effect of organic fertilizer equipment. Before the load is running, we should check the motor circuit. If there is any damage, it needs to be updated immediately to ensure stable operation.


The above is the maintenance method of the cow manure organic fertilizer production line. Mastering the maintenance methods of the organic fertilizer production line can extend its service life, reduce investment costs, and create more value for the enterprise.

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