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How to deal with scrapped organic fertilizer equipment?

How to deal with scrapped organic fertilizer equipment?

With the popularization of organic fertilizer equipment, our requirements for organic fertilizer equipment are getting higher and higher, and our dependence on organic fertilizer equipment is gradually increasing. Therefore, this brings certain pressure to the development of organic fertilizer equipment. In order to protect people’s health during the production process, organic fertilizer equipment must strictly demand its own quality.

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The development of organic fertilizer equipment has been getting faster and faster, especially in recent years, in response to the outstanding problems of excessive use of fertilizers, inefficient use of agricultural fertilizers, and the decline in the quality of cultivated land in China in recent years, organic fertilizer equipment has been used to reduce the amount of fertilizer used and improve the quality of cultivated land. As the main goal, carry out the industrialization of new and efficient biological fertilizers. However, organic fertilizer equipment also has its own service life. What should be done if it reaches the scrap standard?

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Treatment method of scrapped organic fertilizer equipment

1. Approved scrapped organic fertilizer equipment should be written off as assets and go through the relevant scrapping procedures.
2. Scrap organic fertilizer equipment, also available parts are recycled, and unusable parts are treated as waste materials.
3. If there is a need for the unit of the scrapped organic fertilizer equipment, the valuation can be transferred externally after approval.
4. If the scrapped organic fertilizer equipment still has a certain use value, it can be used for scrapping or degraded after review.

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The development of green ecological agriculture has promoted the diversification of organic fertilizer equipment and driven the endless demand for various functions of organic fertilizer in the organic fertilizer market. The development of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturing industry has made a qualitative leap. The quality of organic fertilizer depends to some extent on the performance of organic fertilizer equipment. This shows that the development process of organic fertilizer equipment cannot be underestimated.

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