How to Build an Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant?


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As people pay more attention to environmental protection, agricultural production methods have also changed. The proportion of safe and green organic fertilizers in the market is getting higher and higher. Organic fertilizer has a broad market prospect, so how to establish an organic fertilizer manufacturing plant?


First, understand the relevant policies. Before building a factory, you should ask more about the local government’s attitude towards livestock manure and other materials, and find out if there is any relevant policy support. Avoid the phenomenon that the organic fertilizer factory is fully equipped but cannot be operated.

Second, conduct research on the organic fertilizer market. Before setting up a factory, it is necessary to fully consider the market prospects of the products and also consider the sales channels of organic fertilizers.

Third, give full consideration to geographical location. Building an organic fertilizer factory will inevitably require organic fertilizer raw materials. The address of the factory should be as close as possible to the address of the raw materials.It is best to connect with the production areas of organic fertilizer raw materials such as farms. This can save transportation costs.

Fourth, the location of the factory should also be as far away from residential areas as possible. After all, organic fertilizer production uses poultry manure as raw materials, which has a relatively strong smell. The bad influence on others should be minimized to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Fifth, the choice of organic fertilizer production equipment. The establishment of an organic fertilizer plant requires a series of production equipment, such as fermentation tanks, organic fertilizer granulators, and organic fertilizer grinders. We need to find a strong organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer, focusing on product quality, after-sales service and many other factors.


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