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How does the organic fertilizer twin-shaft mixer work?

How does the organic fertilizer twin-shaft mixer work?

The organic fertilizer biaxial mixer has stable performance, simple structure, convenient use, uniform stirring and no dead angle in mixing. The two-shaft mixer is used to stir the mixed materials, and prepares for the production of the molding machine. The mixture is mainly stirred and compacted at the same time. The twin-shaft mixer will not have the phenomenon of dust rising and leaking.

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Working principle of Double shaft mixer:

Double shaft mixer uses the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical spiral axes to add water and stir while conveying dry ash and other powder-like materials to evenly humidify dry ash and powder-like materials, so as to achieve the purpose of making the humidified materials not emit dry ash and not exudate water droplets, so as to facilitate transportation or transfer to other conveying equipment.The double shaft mixer is mainly composed of housing, screw shaft assembly, drive device, piping, cover plate, chain cover and other parts.


Performance characteristics of double-shaft mixer:

1.Double shaft mixer stirring more even, stirring blade fan, mixing with the medium contact area.
2.Stable performance, large amount of stirring, good stirring effect.
3.Double shaft mixer has compact structure and easy maintenance.
4.It can be used for continuous production line with low noise.
5. The double-shaft mixer runs smoothly and occupies a small area.


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