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How does the crawler turner ferment organic fertilizer?

How does the crawler turner ferment organic fertilizer?

The crawler type turning machine can stir and crush the material, and decompose the organic matter under aerobic conditions, which not only improves the fermentation speed, but also effectively prevents the generation of harmful and malodorous gases such as amine gas during the fermentation process. Machine, favorable environmental protection requirements, improve fertilizer efficiency.

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The crawler turner is a bio-organic fertilizer that improves the soil quality by making pollutants such as livestock and poultry manure, agricultural waste, sugar sludge, sludge, domestic garbage and other pollutants through the principle of oxygen- consuming fermentation. The crawler-type turning machine can effectively mix and mix livestock manure and sludge with microbial preparations and straw powder. Create a better aerobic environment for material fermentation.

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Advantages of the crawler turner

1. The track type turner has reliable performance, easy control and strong applicability. The track type turner can be used in open outdoor open space or in the workshop greenhouse.
2. The crawler type turner does not need to build a trough, and the fertilizer can be stacked directly on the ground to form a strip shape.
3. The crawler type turner adopts the design of the overall lifting of the frame, which can raise the height of the frame when the conversion work site and the turning height need to be changed.


Working principle of the crawler turner

The working part of the crawler turner is a horizontal drum equipped with a toothed tooth, and the drum is assembled in the middle of the bridge structure. During work, the whole stacker rides on the bar, while the rotor is driven backwards by a special
power drive. The teeth on the rotor tear, churn and throw the material to the rear. This type of crawler turner is actually reset once after each turn. The material undergoes heat and mass exchange with air during the process of throwing and resetting, moisture and carbon dioxide are lost, the temperature is lowered, and the oxygen concentration is increased, providing an appropriate environment for the aerobic fermentation of microorganisms.

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