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Gate wheel composting machine used for chicken manure organic fertilizer

Gate wheel composting machine used for chicken manure organic fertilizer

The wheel type fermentation turning machine is more suitable for the action mechanism and process requirements of microbial fermentation of fresh chicken manure into fertilizer, The wheeled throwing machine is the latest type of turn-over machine. It uses a rim-type fermenting and turning machine, which not only can easily turn over, but also can break large pieces in the material. It is a professional turning equipment for converting oxygen-containing fermentation of organic materials into organic fertilizer.

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Wheeled dumper can be used for chicken manure composting. Wheeled dumper is the latest type of dumper at present. The popularization and application of organic composter not only solves the problem that the majority of manufacturer depend on manual dumper in the fertilizer production process for a long time, but also makes the wheeled composter more uniform than manual dumper. Organic fertilizer wheel composter can make full use of fermentation, which can greatly increase the output of environmental protection organic fertilizer per unit area, and is welcomed by the majority of organic fertilizer manufacturers and customers.

What are the operation procedures and precautions of wheel thrower?

1. When the wheel thrower is in working condition, it is strictly forbidden to get close to the machine, especially around the high-speed operation.

2. Protective plate must be used when the wheel tilting and throwing machine turns and crusher. No one is allowed to stand within 5 meters behind the wheel tilting and throwing machine to prevent hurtful throwing.

3. Power must be cut off when checking the scimitar, drive shaft and gear box parts of the wheel tiller.If the parts need to be changed, the engine should be turned off. It is forbidden to change the parts when the wheel thrower engine is not turned off.

4. If abnormal phenomenon is found in the wheel tilting and throwing machine during work, stop the machine immediately for inspection and troubleshooting before continuing to work.

What are the advantages of a wheeled fermenter?

1. Wheel fermenting composting machine pull rod operation in situ 180° turn and turn, eliminating the trouble of steering wheel type in place to turn around

2. The wheeled fermenting composting machine keeps the whole machine stable during the work, and there is no phenomenon that the turning is not complete.

3. The wheeled fermenting composting machine can turn the pile at high and low speed according to the moisture content of the material.

4. The material push plate is installed in front of the wheel type fermenting composting machine to make the material pile pile uniform and improve the turning speed and quality.

5. The wheel type turning machine adopts the frame multi-column automobile type overall structure, and has a longer service life and is not suitable for deformation.

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