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Gate newly designed/low noise screening machine for fertilizer

Gate newly designed/low noise screening machine for fertilizer

Organic fertilizer screening machine and drum type screening machine are commonly used equipment in compound fertilizer production. They are mainly used for the separation of finished products and return materials. They can also realize product classification and evenly classify finished products. It adopts combined screen mesh for easy maintenance. And replacement, the machine is simple in structure, easy to operate, stable in operation, and is an ideal equipment for the production of organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers.

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Organic fertilizer screening machine is mainly composed of motor, reducer, drum device, frame, sealing cover and inlet and outlet opening. When the material enters the drum device of the organic fertilizer screening machine, due to the inclination and rotation of the drum device, the material on the screen surface is turned over and rolled, so that the qualified material is discharged through the screen network of the outer circle of the drum screen, and the unqualified material is discharged through the end of the drum of the screening machine.

Product advantages of Gate screening machine

1.Gate fertilizer screening machine has advanced structure, sturdy and durable, and adopts tire coupling, flexible connection and stable operation.

2. This series of vibrating screen is a circular vibrating screen, the amplitude can be adjusted, the material sieve line is long, multi-layer screening, the specifications of each file are clearly selected, and the screening efficiency is high.

3.Gate fertilizer screening has low electromechanical consumption and low noise. The sieve beam and screen box are made of high-strength bolts, which are simple in structure and convenient in maintenance.

4.Gate fertilizer screening machine adopts small amplitude, high frequency and large dip angle structure, which makes the machine have high screening efficiency and large processing capacity.

Use of Gate screening machine

Organic fertilizer screening machine, can quickly and large-scale processing screening livestock manure, grass ash, humus and other compost fermentation organic fertilizer, reduce environmental pollution, and the organic fertilizer screening machine can reduce the labor intensity of workers.Organic fertilizer screening machine is widely used in all kinds of loose material screening, such as livestock and poultry feces, low-quality coal, coke, hydrated lime and other materials with large water content, as well as sand, quicklime and other materials, can be successfully screened.

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