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Gate fermenter of poultry manure for making organic fertilizer

Gate fermenter of poultry manure for making organic fertilizer

The poultry manure treatment fermenter is mainly composed of tank body, intelligent electric control box, high efficiency filter, heater, connecting pipe fittings, oil-free pump (long life piston type), etc. The fermenter has heating, cooling, heat preservation and stirring. Features. The poultry manure treatment fermenter is made of stainless steel mirror polished plate to reduce heat radiation and sterilization without dead angle.

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The poultry manure treatment fermenter concentrates on new technologies such as microbiology, chemical engineering, genetic engineering, cell engineering, mechanical engineering and computer hardware and software engineering. The poultry manure treatment fermenter is our company’s development research and biological fermentation process detection. High-tech products with multidisciplinary integration under the guidance of practical experience of control, optimization and amplification. During the use of the poultry manure treatment fermenter, the test piece is subjected to the torque measurement force. After the pointer has been rotated, the range selection button cannot be changed. The emergency stop switch is used under emergency conditions when the machine is abnormal, and cannot be used as a stop button.

What are the advantages of livestock manure fermentation tanks?

1) strict structure, livestock manure fermentation tank can withstand repeated sterilization of steam, smooth inner wall, good corrosion resistance, so as to completely sterilize and reduce the impact of metal ions on biological reactions

2) good gas-liquid-solid contact and mixing performance as well as heat, mass and momentum transfer performance

3) reduce the energy consumption of livestock manure fermentation tank under the premise of maintaining biological reaction requirements

4) good heat exchange performance to maintain the appropriate temperature of biological reaction

5) there are feasible pipe proportion and instrument control, organic fertilizer fermentation tank factory, livestock manure fermentation tank is suitable for sterilization operation and automatic control.

How does the livestock manure fermenter ferment?

The livestock and poultry wastes are added to the Gate thermophilic aerobic fermentation tank. The swirl pump in the fermentation tank delivers oxygen through the aeration hole on the stirring shaft. At the same time, the stirring shaft is stirred. Under the action of the aerobic agent, the temperature gradually rises to 50-60 degrees. After more than 7 days of fermentation, the fermentation tank of poultry and livestock manure matures and effectively kills insect eggs and pathogens. By the standards of harmlessness and reduction, the material in fermentation chamber of livestock manure fermentation tank falls layer by layer under the action of the main axis and gravity, and the fermented organic fertilizer is discharged from the discharge port. No wastewater and wastes were discharged from livestock manure fermentation tank during the treatment process, and zero pollution treatment was really realized.


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