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Gate chicken manure crusher can be used for organic fertilizer production

Gate chicken manure crusher can be used for organic fertilizer production

Chicken manure cage grinder ‌‌ is a medium-sized horizontal cage pulverizer. It can pulverize a variety of single fertilizers with a water content below 40%, especially for materials with higher hardness. The cage crusher is simple and compact in structure, small in floor space and convenient in maintenance. The main components of the chicken manure cage crusher frame, casing, rat wheel set, mouse wheel set and two motors are composed.

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The cage type chicken manure mill  is a medium-sized horizontal cage grinder. Chicken manure mill is designed on the basis of impact crushing principle. Two groups of cages inside and outside rotate at high speed, and materials are crushed by impact of cages from inside to outside. Cage mill machine can crush all kinds of single fertilizers with water content less than 40%, especially for materials with high hardness. Chicken manure crusher is widely used in bio-organic fermentation composting, municipal solid waste composting, straw mud carbon, rural straw garbage, industrial organic garbage, chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, pig manure, duck manure and other bio-fermentation high-humidity materials grinding process equipment.

What are the technical parameters of the cage chicken manure crushing machine?

Model Feed port size(mm) Power(kw) Production capacity(t/h) Dimensions(mm)
GTLSF-600 380*320 11*2 4-6 1500*1500*1500
GTLSF-800 300*250 15*2 6-10 1500*1400*1500

How to use chicken manure crush machine?

The chicken manure pulverizer is very easy to use. Before use, the chicken manure pulverizer is placed in a certain position in the workshop. It can be used without the equipment foundation and connected to the power supply. The fineness of the chicken manure pulverizer is controlled by the double roller spacing. The smaller the spacing, the finer the fineness, the lower the output, the better the uniform pulverization effect and the higher the yield. The chicken manure crusher can be designed to be mobile according to the user’s requirements, and the user can move the corresponding position when using it, and remove it when not in use.

How to maintain the cage type chicken manure crusher?

(1) cage crusher shall regularly check the wear condition of each wearing part of the crusher to see whether it is normal wear

(2) cage crusher hammer piece wear is serious need to be replaced, pay attention to the weight, to ensure that two opposite (1800 direction) on the hammer pin shaft relative weight difference between two pieces ≤1g and two opposite (1800 direction) on the hammer pin shaft hammer piece total weight difference ≤2g

(3) if the cage crusher is found to have large vibration and high noise, it shall immediately stop for inspection

(4) cage crusher needs to clean or replace the bag of the dust collector regularly (to ensure the breathability of the bag), and check the working condition of the electromagnetic valve regularly (to see whether it can work normally).

(5) the opening degree of air feed door of impeller feeder should be adjusted appropriately

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