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Flat die granulator of extrusion machine

Flat die granulator of extrusion machine

The flat die granulator is a kind of extrusion machine, and it mainly depends on physical pressing strength to do the works. The common usage of the flat die extrusion granulator is to produce organic fertilizer pellets. But you can also apply it in the livestock feed production, or create some wood pellets with it. You can use the flat die extrusion machine in all scales of aquaculture farms, food and feed processing plants, livestock farms,poultry farms and individual farmers.

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c You can use it independently to deal with small quantities of materials, or you can put it together with other fertilizer making machines. By doing this, you can form a large scale production line, which can work with high efficiency. The production line equipment should consist of fertilizer compost machine, crusher, mixer, automatic fertilizer dispenser, granulate polishing machine, rotary drum dryer, cooler, coating machine, packing machine, etc.

How does the flat die pelletizer perform as a fertilizer granulator?

The flat die pelletizer can process different kinds of animal manures into organic fertilizer pellets. So you can also call it the manure pellet mill . The raw materials need to be fermented(by using compost machines) and crushed(by using fertilizer crusher) first. But no drying process needed, our machines can work with raw materials. The products are smooth and condensed, with 100% organic content and low moisture ratio. You can easily store them. If you use different moulds to do the work, you can get different sizes and shapes of pellets. The organic fertilizer flat die pellet mill can deal with many kinds of materials, such as chicken manure, cow dung, green manures, crop straws, stalks, bean dregs, humus soils, coal powder, active carbon, bentonite, municipal wastes, household wastes and so on. They are easy to get and fairly cheap.

How can you maintain flat die pelletizers to perfect condition?

Make sure there are no hard objects in the raw materials. The high compression with them will wear the rollers and mould very quickly.

You can disconnect the rollers every week, grease the bearings with high heat resistant oil. That will protect the rollers and prolong their service life.

During granulation process, don’t let the rollers directly rotate against the mould. You should wait until the raw materials lay on top of the mould.

Regularly adjust the tensity of the belt, tighten those loosen screws, and check for the leakage of the gearbox. Fix them in time.

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