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Fertilizer production line equipment-drum granulator

Fertilizer production line equipment-drum granulator

Drum granulator is one of the key equipments in the compound fertilizer equipment industry. It is suitable for large-scale production of cold and hot granulation and high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizer. The main working mode of the drum granulator is wet granulation of pellets. The drum granulator has a ball formation rate of 70%, a small amount of return material, small particle size, and can be regranulated.

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Drum granulator introduction:

The drum granulator is a new generation of rotary drum granulator developed by our company staff with years of experience in compound fertilizer production. The drum granulator is a domestic advanced granulation equipment, which is suitable for Cold and hot granulation and large-scale production of high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizers, drum granulators are now available throughout the country.

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The main features of the drum granulator:

1. The drum granulator has less investment, quick effect, good economic benefit and reliable performance;
2, the power is small, no three waste discharge, stable operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable layout of the drum granulator, advanced technology, low production cost;
3. The drum granulator has high ball strength, good appearance quality, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and low energy consumption.
4, with rubber engineering plastics as the inner lining, the raw materials are not easy to stick the cylinder, and play the role of anti-corrosion and heat preservation;


Installation of the drum granulator:

After the drum granulator arrives at the factory, it is installed with the process flow, indicating the elevation and horizontal position, and the installation is inclined. The general inclination is 2-5 degrees (can be adjusted according to user needs). The drum granulator bracket and drive frame have foot holes that can be mounted on concrete. The total thickness of the mats between the bases and the foundation of the machine shall be no more than 30-35mm; the height of each base shall be adjusted by the-shaped pad to make the bottom of each base inclined by 5 degrees; the bases of the drum granulator are adjusted to fit Place the cylinder on the bracket and finally adjust the roller.


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