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Fertilizer compost windrow turner for sale

Fertilizer compost windrow turner for sale

The crawler composting machine is a special machine for producing piles of manure, sludge, distiller’s grains, furfural, etc., using a strip-type composting fermentation process to produce organic fertilizers. The crawler type composting machine can evenly turn the materials. The piles and piles can effectively loosen the bulk of the fermented raw materials, which is an indispensable equipment for the harmless treatment and fertilizer production of livestock and poultry manure.

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Gate crawler composter is a large composter in the composting industry.It can also be seen from the appearance that crawler overturning and throwing machine has obvious advantages, strong overturning capacity, large output, suitable for the use of large organic fertilizer plant.Using crawler type overturning and throwing machine, not only can all easily overturning and throwing, but also can break the bulk of the material.

Performance characteristics of Gate crawler composter:

1. The crawler compost machine pulls the rod to operate 360° turning and turning in place to save the site and cost.

2. The crawler composter keeps the whole machine stable during work, and will not turn over the heap thoroughly.

3. Crawler composter USES drive shaft system to realize adjustable turning speed and eliminate v-belt drive.

4. Adopt soft drive to eliminate iron-to-iron clutch and extend the service life of equipment shaft, chain and bearing.

5. Crawler composting machine adopts the overall structure of multi-column automobile, with longer service life and less deformation.

Working principle of crawler composter:

Crawler compost machine, through the power transmission, the use of cutlasses to turn the material, by driving the control of the compost machine work.Crawler composting machine is the main machine in the complete set of equipment for the production of biological organic fertilizer.In the crawler composting machine, the whole vehicle rides on the strip of fertilizer base which is piled first, and the rotating knife shaft mounted under the rack turns, puffiness and moves the pile of fertilizer base materials, and then forms new strip pile after passing by the vehicle.Crawler compost can be used in open space or in greenhouses.

Application scope of crawler composter:

Crawler compost machine is suitable for livestock and poultry dung, sludge, garbage, sugar mill filter mud, hubei double helix pile machine, slot, sawdust and straw residue cake fermentation of organic wastes such as push, caterpillar compost machine widely used in organic fertilizer factory, fertilizer plant, sludge stink, king and the fermentation of agaricus bisporus planting factory and rotten and removing moisture.

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