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Disc granulator daily maintenance precautions

Disc granulator daily maintenance precautions

The disc granulator is suitable for granulation of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. Due to the high granulation rate of the disc granulator, the time is large, the operation is stable, the equipment is sturdy and durable, and the service life is long, and the user chooses the ideal granulation equipment.

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Disc granulator is an important part of organic fertilizer equipment. It is inevitable that various failures will occur during the production process. The failure of the disc granulator will affect its use characteristics. If it can not be solved in time, it will affect the normal production of the disc granulator, resulting in the loss of corporate interests.


In the case of the disk granulator in the process of running, if the host current is unstable, how to solve it? The cause is mainly due to the uneven feeding of the disc granulator and the damage of the main shaft of the main electric machine or the loss of the bearing. The failure of the heating coil of the disc granulator will also cause the screw to be adjusted. The disc granulator will also malfunction during operation.

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Measures to solve the failure of the disc granulator
Perform a comprehensive inspection of the disc granulator. Check the feeder of the disc granulator. After the effective troubleshooting, main motor, bearing, etc., check whether the heaters of different parts of the disc granulator can operate normally and ensure the disc is made. The various components of the machine can operate normally.

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Disc granulator daily maintenance method

1. After the disc granulator is run every day, it is necessary to clean and clean the inside of the disc granulator. The disc granulator power supply and switch should be placed reasonably. Make sure that the disc granulator is quickly put into operation next time.
2, the disc granulator is not used for one month, it is necessary to remove all the raw materials in the kettle, and the internal dirt is clean. The entire disc granulator is then placed indoors to avoid rain erosion.

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