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Groove type compost turner machine


Product introduction of compost turner machine for fertilizer:

A groove type Fertilizer compost turner machine for sale is also commonly referred to as a rail type composting machine. It can be used for fermentation and dumping of organic waste such as livestock manure, sludge garbage, sugar mill sludge, slag cake and straw sawdust. Fertilizer compost turner machine for sale is widely used in organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste plants, Fermentation and dehydration operations in horticultural fields and Agaricus bisporus plantations.

Features of Fertilizer compost turner machine for sale:

1, suitable for aerobic fermentation, can be used with solar fermentation room, fermentation tank and mobile compost windrow turner for fertilizer;

2. It can be used with the fertilizer compost windrow turner for sale to realize the function of one machine and multiple slots;

3. The fermentation tank matched with it can be discharged continuously or in batches;

4, high efficiency, stable operation, sturdy and durable, evenly turned;

5, centralized control of the control cabinet, can achieve manual or automatic control functions;

6, equipped with a soft starter, low impact load at startup;

7, equipped with a tooth hydraulic lifting system;

8, the teeth are strong and durable, have a certain breaking and mixing function on the material;


Configuration of fertilizer compost windrow turner for sale:

1), the main configuration:

compost turner machine for fertilizer includes a walking fermentation tank, a walking track, a power take-off device, a turn-over turn-over part, and a turning device (also called a transfer car, mainly for multi-slot use). The working part of the turning and turning pile is driven by a drum, and there are two types of lifting and lifting for compost windrow turner for fertilizer.

2), special configuration for fertilizer compost windrow turner for sale:

1. Centralized control of the control cabinet, which can realize manual or automatic control functions.

2. Equipped with a soft starter, the impact load is low at startup.

3. Equipped with a hydraulic lifting system.

4. The teeth are strong and durable, and have certain breaking and mixing functions for the materials.

5. Limit travel switch for safety and limit.

Crawler type  fertilizer compost windrow turner


working principle of compost windrow turner for fertilizer

When the crawler-type compost windrow turner for fertilizer is running, the whole vehicle rides on the long-shaped fertilizer base piled up beforehand, and the rotating base shaft mounted under the frame is used to turn over, fluffy and move the fertilizer-based raw materials. Into a new strip of piles. In the process of turning over, the material is brought up by the roller rotating at a high speed and moved backward by a certain distance. Therefore, during the turning process, the Fertilizer compost turner machine for sale can break up, crush, and take away part of the moisture. You can work in an open space or in a workshop shed. A major technological breakthrough of the machine is to integrate the crushing function in the later stage of material fermentation. At the same time, oxygen will enter at the same time of mixing, which can reach one day of heating, deodorization and two days of sterilization (to completely kill the bird flu virus in the feces). ), three days began to dry, seven days into fertilizer.

What are the benefits of a track-type compost turner machine for our farms?

Here are some of the benefits for compost turner machine:

1, the crawler type of compost turner machine is economical, the feces that are fermented by it are made intact, and there is not much residue left in the machine.

2, the energy of the crawler compost turner machine, this is a turn-over machine designed according to the first-class standards at home and abroad.

3, the efficiency of the windrow compost turner machine in fertilizer machines, this is a very impressive machine. The compost turner machine will generate a lot of heat during the fermentation process, and the turner itself will emit a lot of heat, but please rest assured that it is only heat, and there is no smell of animal feces.

4, the speed of the tractor compost turner for fertilizer factory sale. In order to facilitate the worker to improve efficiency in the fermentation and save time, the machine is equipped with two crawlers, so that the fermentation process can run freely and achieve the fastest time.

5, the correct use of the fertilizer used kitchen compost turner machine, this is very important, to ensure the fermentation of the feces, but also to ensure the life of the machine, so I sincerely remind you, after using the turner, you should immediately clean the inside, Rinse with water.

Features of crawler compost turner machine for fertilizer:

1. The compost turner machine power is water-cooled diesel engine with sufficient power, high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

2, compost turner machine with small radius steering proprietary technology, with hydraulic power balance device, the car body is large but flexible steering, convenient site operation

3, the operation of the operating rod for  compost turner machine, flexible and simple.

4. Adopting the proprietary technology of our company to ensure that the compost turner machine automatically adjusts the four-wheel balance in the concave and convex site to improve the adaptability of the site.

5. All the national standard parts are used. The main component suppliers are well-known domestic large enterprises, with reliable reputation and thoughtful after-sales service.

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Fermentation tank


Fermentation tank for organic fertilizer:

Fermentation tank of organic fertilizer has changed the traditional fermentation process of pool method, improved the production efficiency, and made the organic fertilizer products to a higher level.

Application of fertilizer Fermentation tank:

The fermentation equipment can be used to treat organic wastes such as pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, mushroom residue, traditional Chinese medicine residue, crop straw and so on. It occupies less land (fermentation machine occupies only 10-30 square meters). It is a closed fermentation equipment to kill disease and insect eggs (adjustable to 80-100 C high temperature). It is a large breeding enterprise, recycling agriculture and ecology. The choice of realizing the resource utilization of waste materials in agriculture.

Structure of Fermentation tank for fertilizer:

The main structure of fermentation tank :

  1. feeding system;
  2. tank fermentation system
  3.  hydraulic power system
  4. feeding system
  5.  feeding system
  6. deodorizing system
  7. heating and insulation system
  8. overhaul part
  9. automatic electrical control system

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Advantages of Fertilizer Fermentation tank for sale:

Compared with the traditional fermentation equipment, the equipment uses vertical tank fermentation, which saves land occupied area to a considerable extent; the equipment also uses electric heating device, intelligent electrical control, to ensure constant temperature fermentation, completely solve the shortcomings of traditional fermentation equipment which is limited by season; intelligent electrical control, constant. Temperature fermentation can shorten the fermentation period from about 15 days to about 7 days, which greatly improves the fermentation efficiency. Closed constant temperature fermentation is adopted in this equipment to completely solve the problem of volatilization of irritating odor and protect the environment from odor pollution. The equipment is equipped with automatic intelligent electrical control system to reduce the pollution. Manual operation to ensure safety and reliability.

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