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Canadian disc granulation fertilizer production line delivery

Canadian disc granulation fertilizer production line delivery

The granulating fertilizer production line needs a fermentation turnover machine, an organic fertilizer pulverizer, a drum sieving machine, a horizontal mixer, a disc granulator, a rotary dryer, a chiller, a sieving machine, a laminating machine, and a packaging. Machines, conveyors and other equipment.

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A month ago, the disc granulation fertilizer production line set by Canadian customers was successfully completed according to the contract period. The disc granulation fertilizer production line can reach an annual output of 200,000 tons of organic fertilizer. What fertilizer equipment is included in the disc granulation fertilizer production line? As a fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we give you a professional answer.

1, fermentation equipment. The trough turner and the crawler turner produced by our factory have guaranteed quality and good fermentation. It is widely used in fermented and dehumidified operations of organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste plants, horticultural fields and Agaricus bisporus plants.

2, the crusher. The semi-wet material pulverizer does not have a sieve mesh bottom. More than one hundred kinds of materials can be pulverized and never clogging. Even the materials that have just been taken from the water can be pulverized, and will not be clogged due to the pulverization of the wet materials, causing burnt smashing. The motor affects production.

3, the mixer. The mixer plays a major role in the production of organic fertilizer granules, which can stir the raw materials more evenly. The overall structure is more reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.

4, granulator. The disc granulator has a good automatic grading function, and the product particles are more uniform than bismuth, and can control the solution to be sprayed on the fine particles, so the granulation efficiency is high, and the investment and operation cost of the equipment are low, thereby It is widely used in many organic fertilizer manufacturers.

5, dryer / cooler. The function of the dryer is to dry the prepared fertilizer granules and then deliver them to the chiller for cooling.

6, screening machine. The function of the sieving machine is to screen out the unqualified fertilizer granules, and the qualified fertilizer granules are transported to the coating machine for coating, and the unqualified fertilizer granules are sent to the pulverizer for pulverization and regranulation.

7, film machine and automatic packaging machine. The role of these two fertilizer devices is to beautify the qualified fertilizer granules and then package them into a state suitable for long-term storage and easy transportation.

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