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Advanced technology single shaft fertilizer mixer machine

Advanced technology single shaft fertilizer mixer machine

Inside the single-shaft mixer is the single-shaft double-screw belt mixing material, which can make the material fully mixed.The single-shaft mixer has the characteristics of large handling capacity, compact structure, advanced technology, stable and reliable, simple maintenance and so on.The single-shaft fertilizer mixer is widely used in large, medium and small farms for feed processing and individual livestock farmers

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The single-axle fertilizer mixer consists of four parts: uniform feeding, blade feeding, mixing beating, humidifying and vibration system. The single-axle fertilizer mixer manufacturer is equipped with special electric control and water supply system. The single-axis fertilizer mixer is fixed on the base as a whole. The cylinder is supported by four groups of elastic elements. Vibration is applied through the exciting device to make the whole machine vibrate at high frequencies during operation, which keeps a certain gap between the cylinder wall and the mixing shaft.

Working Principle of single shaft fertilizer mixer

Single shaft mixer screw blade by two groups of uniform feeding into the host, put into ‌ ‌ mixing tank/mixing tank dry ash powder material by water supply device rationing water forced mixing, stirring, at the same time to meet the requirements of the humidity to conveying of discharging mouth eduction, achieve the goal of eliminating dust.The dust humidifier with single shaft mixer has the advantages of high mixing efficiency, tight sealing system and no flying ash.Because of the above movement of mixing, materials in a very short time to obtain a rapid uniform mixing, so the single-shaft mixer is a wide range of USES, good adaptability, good efficiency mixing equipment.

features of Single shaft mixing machine

1, single-axis mixer can automatically feed, fully enclosed and pollution-free

2, less land, no sloshing, low noise, saving time and effort

3, evenly mixed, high efficiency, multi-purpose

4, single-axis mixer has large processing capacity, compact structure and advanced technology.

5, a wide range of feed processing for large, medium and small farms and individual livestock farmers

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